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As a certified auto paint shop, we ensure that your car looks its best. That is why we train our technicians in all areas of paint refinishing and car detailing. When you choose Friendship Paint and Body Shop for your auto paint and refinishing services, you are guaranteed great results, products, and customer satisfaction. From refinishing to repainting to polishing, we can do it all to make sure your SUV, company car, van, or truck looks great. In fact, our team of certified auto body mechanics will perfectly execute every detail of your vehicle’s refinishing to ensure it is exactly to your specifications.

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Our Auto Paint Repair & Refinishing Services Include:

How We Refinish Your Car

Expertise and thorough processes are vital when it comes to refinishing a car to manufacturer standards. That is why we value the quality of our work and refinishing products. Through each step of your car’s repainting process, we guarantee our highly trained & auto paint certified technicians will give your car the best treatment. From start to finish, our car repainting and refinishing process includes:

  1. Clean your car’s exterior thoroughly with pressure washing and chemical cleansers to ensure the exterior is free of all debris and coatings. 
  2. Prime, sand down, and seal the entire car so that the exterior will smoothly accept the new coat of paint. Then tape and mask over all the car parts that don’t need painting to protect from overspray. 
  3. Apply the base coat and clear coat to your car, allowing them to cure for a smooth finish. 
  4. Complete all car detailing including cleaning, sealing, and polishing the new paint as well as cleaning the car interior. 

Because we emphasize quality through all of our car detailing, painting, and refinishing, you can be sure that we will have your car back to looking like new. So when you need an auto body paint shop you can count on, choose the experts at Friendship Paint and Body Shops.

Our Auto Paint

Beyond just the certified expertise of our auto paint and body mechanics, you can also count on us to give you quality paint and refinishing products. With our water-based automotive paint, we give you the best of time efficiency, broad paint coverage, and environmental consciousness. We prefer waterborne car paint because it is primarily composed of water-based solvents. This means it is better for the environment and safer for our employees. But even better, these benefits come with an automotive paint that applies with a more efficient coverage rate, cutting down on your turnaround time. Let our certified waterborne automotive paint specialists repaint your car so it can look new again. 

When it comes to refinishing your car, you also need to consider paint matching and blending to ensure your car has a seamless exterior. During our car refinishing process, we use expert color matching technology to replicate your vehicle’s previous finish. Or, if you want to upgrade your car finish entirely, we also offer a wide range of paint detailing varieties. From custom auto body paint colors to specialized car pinstriping, we can make your vision a reality. 

Quality Auto Body and Paint Services

If you’re looking for quality, affordable auto body and paint services in the Stone Mountain, Snellville, or Marietta areas, go with the experts at Friendship Paint and Body Shops. We can give your vehicle a complete auto body and paint experience. From custom auto body paint to color matching for your damaged vehicle, we can do it all. So don’t hesitate to call to set up your appointment today!

Through years of collision repair experience, we’ve developed an efficient method that works well for refinishing cars. We start by cleaning the car’s exterior. Then, we’ll prime and sand the outside. After sealing it, we’ll apply the casing and clear coat to the car. To finish, we’ll complete cleaning, sealing, and paint polishing as well as cleaning the car’s interior. 

We use a water-based automotive paint, which offers excellent coverage and is environmentally friendly. We also use expert color matching technology to replicate your car’s finish and have it look new. 

Yes, we offer rust repair, as well as scratch removal and window replacement. Our team provides excellent auto repairs that will restore your car back to pristine condition no matter what issue damages the exterior finish. 

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Auto Paint Repair Brands We Service