Car Detailing 

Car detailing is an important part of maintaining your car’s inner and outer appearance. Unlike basic car washing, auto detailing involves using automated systems to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your car. Complete car detailing involves multiple steps to not only give you a spotless car but to leave a long-lasting effect. 

Here at Friendship Paint and Body Shops, we offer auto detailing after your car has been serviced. Our expert technicians will not only attend to your collision repairs but will also fully detail the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Auto detailing is not only about making your car look nice; it is about doing our best to restore your damaged car to like-new condition.

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Interior Car Detailing 

Interior car detailing is the deep cleaning of the inside of your car. During this time, we focus on restoring the components found in the interior cabin such as leather, vinyl, natural fibers, carbon fiber plastics, and plastics. We detail these areas using a high power steam-cleaner and vacuum. Having a dirty car interior can lead to foul odors and poor quality components such as your seats and dashboard. It is common for cars to have stains, but when those stains are left untreated for an extended period of time, they interfer with your car’s air quality. Our process for interior car detailing includes:


We start by going over all the seating, headliners, cargo area, mats, and trunk of your car with a vigorous vacuum. Doing this first will allow us to clean out any obvious dirt and droppings. 

Brushing and Steam Cleaning 

We take a high-powered steamer and slowly work through the carpets and mats of your car. This way we can remove any stains or bllemishes that have accumulaated over the past couple of years. We then take a detailing brush and scrub the surfaces of your vehicle such as the dashboard, cupholders, steering wheel, and handles. 

Glass Cleaning 

We take our time thoroughly cleaning the interior of your windshield, windows, mirrors.

Leather Trimming 

If your car has a leather interior, we use damp clothes and leather soap to clean the area of any dirt, stains, or blemishes. 

Re-Vacuuming and Wiping 

We always follow through with a quick re-vacuuming and wiping to ensure we got everything. This way we can make sure the interior of your car is left spotless. 


The last step in interior car detailing is leaving a fresh perfume, with a good scent to deodorize your car.

Exterior Car Detailing 

Exterior car detailing is extremely important, because the outside of your car is your first impression, and you want that impression to be good! We use the best scrubbing and polishing products to leave your car with a long-lasting shine. During the exterior detailing process, we ensure we work quickly, but carefully to ensure we do not harm the paint of your car. The process for exterior car detailing includes:

Washing and Drying 

During the washing and drying, we will hand wash your car, making sure to cover the entire vehicle with soap. We use a pressure washing machine to spray your car down, removing any dirt, then wash your car wheels, door jambs, and exterior glass. After your car is fully clean, we take dry rags and dry your car to ensure no streaks are left.


Claying is done to remove all contaminants from the surface of your car. We do this by using a clay bar and gently rubbing against your car. 


Polishing is done to preserve the paint of your car. We lightly buff the car, removing any small scratches or imperfections that may be on the paint. 


The final step in detailing the exterior of your vehicle is to seal the car with a gloss. Sealing your car gives it a natural shine and adds a layer of protection over the paint. 

Contact Friendship Paint & Body Shops About Your Car! 

After your car has been repaired from collision damage, we guarantee a thorough auto detailing service. We can assist you with making your car look like new on the inside and out! To learn more about our car detailing services, call us at our Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta locations.