Car Frame Repair

Friendship Paint and Body Shop is proud to offer car frame repair in Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta GA. Your car’s frame bears the weight of your engine, transmission, as well as other key components. Car frame damage makes the vehicle extremely unsafe to drive, so it’s important that after an accident, no matter how small, you have your frame inspected. 

At Friendship Paint and Body Shop, our highly-skilled mechanics can provide expert car frame repair on most vehicles. We’ll make sure your auto frame is repaired with absolute precision so that your car is returned to a safe driving condition.

What is Your Car’s Frame?

A car frame, often known as a chassis, is the structural support system of your vehicle. This system is built out of steel or aluminum and serves the following functions:

  • Shapes or support the car’s body
  • Supports the vehicle’s weight
  • Assist the car’s components
  • Protects the interior components and riders
Car Frame Repair Stone Mountain GA

What is Car Frame Damage?

Damage to the vehicle’s structural integrity can be referred to as car frame damage. External factors such as collisions or neglect over time cause the majority of this damage. Damage to a vehicle’s structural support could make the vehicle unstable to drive or break other components that support the frame. These possible dangers jeopardize a driver’s and passenger’s safety and make driving a vehicle extremely risky.

The severity of an accident determines the level of frame damage that occurred. Any damage to the vehicle’s body that does not have an immediate impact on the vehicle’s primary structural support is considered minor. An example of this would be dings and scratches on the car’s exterior. Major damage is more significant and disrupts a vehicle’s internal structure. Assessing frame damage includes looking at the impact zones on the vehicle to determine if auto frame repair is possible. 

What Problems Does Frame Damage Cause?

If you sustain car frame damage in an accident, your vehicle can suffer from several issues. Most noticeably, the way your vehicle drives and handles will be different due to the change in weight distribution. A bent or hindered frame could eventually snap, resulting in more auto damage to your car. 

A vehicle with a bad chassis also may not maintain its balance on the road, which can affect the suspension and tire performance. Other issues could impair the vehicle’s aerodynamics and reduce its fuel economy.

When a car’s body is intact and repaired, it’s able to provide enough resistance to protect you and anyone else inside the vehicle during a collision. However, if the car’s frame is ruined, it won’t be able to provide this protection. Major frame damage could prevent a car’s airbags from deploying, increasing your risk of injury during an accident. 

Fortunately, the professionals at Friendship Paint and Auto Shop can assist you by providing car frame repair for most vehicles. Schedule an appointment with one of our highly-experienced mechanics for more information, and we’ll walk you through what can be done for auto frame repair near Stone Mountain, Snellville and Marietta GA.

How is Car Frame Repaired?

Car frame damage can be rectified in the vast majority of cases with the use of a hydraulic presser and other tools. Replaceable parts can be used in various situations, such as bent car frame repair. The severity of the damage and the cost are the two most important things to consider when deciding whether or not to repair your car’s frame damage. Let one of our expert mechanics at Friendship Paint and Auto Shop diagnose your car today, helping you decide if car frame repair is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Friendship Paint and Body Shop can perform bent car frame repair through frame straightening. The technique used to straighten the frame of your car depends on the location and extent of the damage, but a machine that uses tension and a series of chains may be used to put your frame back into position. To schedule car frame repair near Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta GA, give us a call at (770) 271-2930.

The cost to fix a car frame can range from the low hundred to the thousands, depending on the extent of damage done to your car. Minor accidents would be in the hundreds, while major accidents in the thousands. For more information on car frame repair, schedule a visit with one of our helpful technicians at Friendship Paint and Body Shop today.

Rust on your car frame can most likely be removed if the rust isn’t too extensive, and the damage hasn’t corroded into the main components.