Hail Damage Repair 

Georgia is known for frequent hail storms. An unexpected hail storm can leave your car with dents, cracks, and holes. Here at Friendship Paint & Body Shops, we offer quality hail damage repair you can depend on. When you call us, we can quickly and easily handle your car hail damage repair. After a major hail storm leaves your car with imperfections, you need a body shop you can trust to restore your car to its best look and functionality. When you are in need of a vehicle hail damage repair, Friendship Paint & Body Shops will be prepared for the job. 

Why You Should Choose Friendship Paint & Body

Here at Friendship Paint & Body Shops, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are left feeling satisfied with our auto body work. We have many years of experience in the paint and body industry, which means there is no hail damage repair we can not complete. We can guarantee this because each of our technicians are given the proper training needed for a vehicle hail damage repair.

With us, you will be given the best hail damage car repair services there are to offer! When your car is hit with an unpredictable hair storm, you need a team like Friendship Paint & Body Shops to get the job done. Schedule your auto hail damage repair with us today by calling today!

hail damage repair

Reasons To Schedule Hail Damage Repair 

Paint Damage 

After a hail storm strikes your car, you may notice dents and dimples formed on the surface of your car. If left untreated, these dents and dimples will cause your car paint to chip and crack. The chipping and cracking will spread, leaving your car vulnerable to corrosion. This is why you should make sure you schedule a hail damage car repair as soon as you notice your car has hail damage. 


When your car has peeling, chipped, or cracked paint, it leaves your car without a layer of protection. Eventually water will start to build up on your vehicle, causing it to begin to rust. Rust will spread to not just the surface of your car, but the interior of your vehicle as well. This rust will create weak spots and holes within your car. To avoid a rusting car, you should make sure you schedule a vehicle hail damage repair with your local paint and body auto repair shop quickly. 

Overall Appearance 

If your car has holes, rust, chipped paint, or dents, it brings down the overall appearance of your vehicle. Leaving your car with hail damage will make your car less valuable, and harder to sell or trade-in in the future. To keep up with your car’s appearance, you need to make sure you are taking care of any vehicle hail damage that may occur. 

Contact Us for Hail Damage Car Repair

We cannot always predict when a hail storm is going to cause damage to your vehicle, but we can make sure your car is well taken care of afterward. If you notice your vehicle has any type of damage after a hail storm, then you should call the team at Friendship Paint & Body Shop to handle it. Schedule your hail damage repair with us today at our shops in Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta!

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