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If you’ve been in an auto collision, you know the damage to your vehicle can be extensive. With all the ways your car can be crushed and broken, both exterior and interior, you need an auto body repair company that can do it all to complete your collision repairs. For example, auto welding is a specialized skill that is often necessary to restore the structural integrity and outward appearance of your car. 

Here at Friendship Paint and Body Shop, we understand the necessity of quality auto welding services. That’s why we hire highly trained auto welding technicians and invest in the best welding machines. After all, you need an auto repair shop dedicated to restoring the safety and reliability of your vehicle with top notch skills and tools.

Auto Body Welding

Our Auto Welding Services

Plastic Welding

Because many parts of a car’s exterior are made of plastic, it is important that an auto body shop has the necessary tools and skills to complete plastic welding. Especially in repairing front and back bumpers, plastic welding with a seamless final appearance is important to restore the look of your car. That is why our auto welding experts are broadly trained in plastic welding to complete your entire collision repair with the finest attention to detail.

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MIG Welding

MIG welding stands for metal inert gas welding, or wire welding. It is an arc welding process that blends two metals together with a continuous solid wire electrode that is fed through a welding gun and into a weld pool. It gets the “gas” term from the shielding gas that is sent through the welding gun, protecting the weld pool from contamination. This type of auto welding is widely applicable for collision repair needs, so we train our welding technicians to be proficient in MIG welding. 

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Aluminum Welding  

Aluminum welding is also a specialized auto welding process that we are certified to perform for all your collision repair needs. Aluminum welding is often considered one of the most difficult types of welding, requiring a delicate touch to prevent damage to the aluminum parts. But our auto welders have decades of experience to ensure all the aluminum welding needs of your car are solved with the best skills. 

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Bronze Welding 

Here at Friendship Paint and Body Shops, we pride ourselves on being able to meet all of your welding needs regardless of material. That is why we specialize in bronze welding, also called braze welding. This specialized welding technique uses two filler bronze rods to weld two pieces of metal together. Because bronze welding melts the two metal pieces, the surfaces mix together, creating a stronger bond. This makes your auto welding repairs even more durable, meaning the weld will hold up for decades without issue. 

Bronze Welding

Why You Should Choose Our Welding Experts

With our attention to detail, certified technicians, and quality welding machinery, you can be sure the experts at Friendship Paint and Body in Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta will give you the best auto body repair. We are dedicated to restoring your car to new-like condition using only the best auto replacement parts and tools. That includes the finest welding techniques including plastic welding, bronze welding, aluminum welding, and MIG welding. Even more, see our list of auto welding qualifications below:

  • Custom Auto Welding Services
  • Certified Aluminum Welding and Bronze Welding Technicians
  • Auto Welding Experts for Almost 20 Years
  • Highest Quality Auto Welding Equipment

Go with Friendship Paint and Body so you have confidence in your collision repair shop. Make an appointment with us now so we can get started on restoring the look and functionality of your car!

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