Engine Repair

We Offer Engine Diagnostics For Vehicles

The best approach to keep your engine in peak performance is to have routine maintenance on it, but there are signs that an engine repair is necessary as well. When your “check engine” or “service engine” light comes on, it means that you should have your engine evaluated by a mechanic soon. 

We use the most up-to-date diagnostic and engine repair equipment in the industry. Following a thorough investigation, our technicians will inform you of their findings, explain the next steps, and help answer any questions that you may have. Our engine mechanics at Friendship Paint and Body Shop will provide you with leading engine repair in Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta GA.

Engine Repair Near Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta GA

Your engine runs smoothly because it is made up of a series of complex interconnected systems and components that all work together. The check engine light can be triggered by even minor malfunctions, signaling an engine failure. This is why it’s important to have a qualified mechanic with knowledge and experience diagnose an engine repair. From our fully equipped automotive repair center, our mechanics at Friendship Paint and Body Shop will quickly identify the source of your vehicle’s engine failure and provide you with cost-effective solutions from each of our convenient locations.

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Signs of Engine Failure

Lower Gas Mileage

If you’re going to the gas station more frequently but not changing your driving habits, there could be a problem with your engine’s compression. Using a fuel cleaner or getting a tune-up are two possible solutions. However, our auto repair specialists will perform an engine diagnostic to determine the problem and provide the best options for your vehicle.

Engine Stalling and Idling

There is a multitude of reasons why an engine can stall. These include difficulties with the air and fuel combination or problems with the intake stroke. As soon as possible, investigate stalls to avoid more expensive harm down the road like a full engine replacement.

Knocking and Pinging

Loud knocking and pining noises while starting your car are often an indication of a greater problem with the internal combustion flow and should be addressed immediately. If you just hear it as you accelerate, it’s probably engine knock, but if you hear it continually, it’s probably something different. We offer Hard Parts Repair to renew your transmission which is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the drive shaft. Bring in your car and we can perform any necessary engine repairs or replacements. 

Strong Engine Odor

Just prior to having a complete engine shutdown, an engine exhaust will emit strong foul-smelling and toxic fumes. If you notice this, take your car in immediately for a complete diagnostic and engine repair! 

Determining When To Bring Your Vehicle In for Engine Repair

Nothing causes anxiety more than when your car or engine starts acting up! Wear and tear on your engine from daily wear and tear will determine its lifespan. Calculating your car’s total amount of mileage and usage in the manufacturing year can help determine whether your car is nearing the end of its lifespan or not. The frequency of oil changes made and maintenance on the car is another factor for your car’s lifespan.

Some specific makes or models may have known engine issues. If that is the case, you may be eligible for an engine replacement or other warranty specifics. Our engine repair shop is equipped to help answer any of these specific questions and will further elaborate on your concerns. 

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Contact Our Engine Repair Shops in Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta GA

To avoid more significant and costly car repairs down the road, check any engine faults at the first signs of trouble. When it comes to your road safety, be aware and proactive. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to assist you. Whatever your issue or problem, we will be sure to provide helpful insight and discuss solutions that are within your budget. For more information and to learn options for your vehicle’s engine repair near Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta GA give us a call at (770) 413-3900!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your check engine light doesn’t necessarily mean that your engine is having issues. Since cars are complex pieces of machinery, your check engine light could be a sign of a different problem. Still, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that your vehicle needs an engine repair near Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta GA. Let Friendship Paint and Body Shop be the ones to diagnose and repair your vehicle!

Oil changes on any vehicle should be performed at least every 5000 miles. To ensure your vehicle’s best performance, we recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines. For additional information, please contact our auto repair specialists at (770) 413-3900.

We recommend having your brakes inspected every 12 months. This helps to prevent any further mishaps that could happen down the road. If we notice your brakes are going bad, we offer brake replacement at an affordable price.