Fender Repair

Friendship Paint and Body Shop is your local, professional team ready to restore your car back to prime condition. Our technicians are experts at what they do. They can fix damage done to a variety of car types. We stay up to date with the recent technology stemming from the automotive industry, so that we can provide you with the best service possible. We are constantly striving to learn more and continue growing in our skills as car technicians.

Fender Repair Process 

One of the most common areas that become damaged during an accident is the fender. Your fenders are the curved area above your tires that helps protect your wheels. Fender accidents are frustrating but sometimes unavoidable. They can range from small amounts of damage to more serious harm, most often including:

  • Shopping Cart Dings 
  • Sideswipe Collision
  • Rocks and Pebbles 
  • Rear-end Collisions
  • Head-on Collision 
  • Door Frame Dents
  • Vehicle Rollovers
  • Side-Impact Collision 

But we’ll take care of your car repairs no matter what. Most of the time, fender accidents are minor, which will enable us to repair the damage quickly. When it comes to repairing your fender dent, you need the absolute best collision repair company near Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Marietta GA. Our expert technicians have many years of experience dealing with fender repairs near Stone Mountain GA and the surrounding areas, so we are more than confident in our abilities to have your car looking brand new in no time! 

Here’s How We Perform Your Fender Repair

  1. Thoroughly inspect all damage to the car
  2. Remove any exterior elements or hardware 
  3. Begin repairs to remove dents
  4. Apply primer and let cure
  5. Sand down the repaired area
  6. Apply a fresh coat of paint
grille repair

How to Repair Fender Damage

There are a couple of ways that fender damage can be tackled. It all depends on the type of car you have and the extent of the damage. Our team is well-trained in the following areas so that we’re ready to provide you with accurate repairs.

Heat: Heat guns can be used to buff out dents on minor fender damage. This works well if the paint hasn’t been scuffed or worn off. We can use heat to mold the dents back into place. This happens when the plastic is warm and can be pushed back to its original shape. 

Fillers: Sometimes, the damage will happen in the form of holes instead of dents. The damaged area will need to be sanded down, and then a filler such as cement or epoxy will be filled into the hole. Once it’s hardened, primer and paint will be added. 

If your entire fender needs to be replaced, we’ll have to remove it from the car. We’ll order a replacement part if needed. We also handle paint and finishing work. This is an area that can be extremely difficult to do at home. Matching paint colors isn’t easy, which is why we also recommend calling our team to handle paint and finishing work. We’ll be able to create a fender that will blend in with your car, looking beautiful, shiny, and new. 

Why A Fender Repair Can’t Wait

Your fenders play an important role in ensuring sand, mud, rocks, liquids, and other road sprays are not being thrown into the air by the rotating tire. When your fender is damaged, it can push up against your tires, causing your tires to become damaged as well. This is why we suggest having your fender repaired as soon as possible. Delaying a fender repair can cause more costly repairs in the future for your vehicle. 

When your car has a fender dent, your vehicle is left vulnerable to rust and other cosmetic problems. These problems can reduce the resale value of your car. We suggest scheduling a fender repair with us as soon as you notice the damage to your car. During your fender dent repair, we will not only fix the fender dent, but we will also restore your car’s paint in the damaged area. Don’t wait till your fender dent causes more damage to your car, let a trained professional handle your fender repair!

Fender Repair Costs 

Fender repair costs are highly variable depending on your car’s make and model. Higher-end brands require replacement products that are more expensive. It also depends on how much damage occurred and where it’s located. If the area is around your wheels, it may be more expensive, as it may accumulate more scratches and dents. Prices are also variable on labor, which depends on the company you go with. Friendship Paint and Bodyshop works extremely hard to provide affordable prices while also offering excellent service and repair. 

Contact Us For Fender Repair Near You

Whether you have a large fender dent or just a small ding, you can count on Friendship Paint & Body Shops to take care of your fender repair whenever you need it. We are highly skilled in collision repair, and we are sure we can restore your car in no time! Our technicians value customer service first and foremost. We treat you and your car with respect and exhibit professionalism throughout the whole process. Don’t let your car suffer from a fender dent, contact us today to schedule your fender dent repair. We’ll have your car looking as good as new!

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