Brake Repair

Our Brake Repair Services Will Ensure You’re Safe

Brakes are extremely important parts of a car and must work well for your safety. Over time, it’s common for brakes to experience wear and tear, as they’re continually used day-to-day. When you notice irregularities within your car brakes, we urge you to schedule immediate brake repair near you. Continued use of damaged brakes puts your safety at risk and can harm other parts of your car. 

It’s smart to get ahead of automotive brake repair when you can, which means recognizing the signs that your brakes are damaged or worn down. If you’re searching for brake repair shops, Friendship Paint and Body Shop works diligently to be your number one provider for auto brake repair. Our automotive technicians are well-trained to safely repair brake pads, fluid, and rotors to ensure your car is dependable for operation. 

Our Brake Repair Services

  • 55-Point Inspection: This is a routine maintenance check that will inspect the condition of your brakes. If you’ve noticed that your brakes are making noises or feel spongy when you press them, it’s important to schedule this service. 
  • Brake Rotor Maintenance: This is necessary if you need a brake pad replacement. When rotors are worn out, they’ll need to be serviced and replaced. 
  • Brake Drum Service: This is necessary for drum style brakes, similar to rotor service.
  • Brake Fluid Replacement: Brake fluids need to be exchanged routinely and replaced when car brake repair occurs. 
  • Brake Pad Replacement: During brake maintenance services, we’ll repair or replace brake pads. 

When you schedule brake service, our technicians will determine the condition of your brakes and what repairs or replacements are necessary. You may not always need new rotors when brake pads are replaced, depending on the lifecycle of your parts. We work diligently to provide affordable brake changes that best service your vehicle. This means no hidden fees on our part; we always work to provide you with exceptional service.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

If you notice any of the following signs, don’t hesitate to contact Friendship Paint and Body Shop for brake repair service. These issues indicate that you need immediate car brake repair:

  • Check engine light is on: This can always signal an issue with the brakes.
  • You notice leaking fluid: Any time there is fluid leaking from your car, it should be inspected immediately.
  • You notice a change in brake response: If your brakes need to be pressed harder or they’re displaying a longer response time, it’s a common sign that there’s an issue. Also, if you notice shaking or vibration when braking, schedule an auto repair service.
  • Noises when braking: Listen closely when you press on your brakes. Do you hear squeaking, grinding, or hissing noises? If so, you need to schedule brake repair.
  • Spongy brakes: This commonly suggests an issue with brake fluid or brake shoes.
  • Engine stalling: This could indicate a faulty power brake booster. Also keep an eye out for a vehicle that drifts to the side when braking, as this could signal poor brake hardware. 

We Also Provide Brake Maintenance 

Car brakes are extremely unpredictable, which is why we recommend routine service. How long your brakes will last depends on your vehicle make, the number of miles that have been driven, how often you use your car, and the climate you’re in. Brake pads may last 20,000 to 80,000 miles. Brake fluid may need to be replaced every 2-5 years. Often, it’s recommended that brakes be checked every 10,000-12,000 miles for best performance. Our technicians are trained to best brake service to ensure your car is operating smoothly and safely. 

Schedule Brake Service Near You with Our Experts!

Friendship Paint and Body Shops is proud to provide brake changes, brake line repair, and brake pad repair! Through continued education and training, we ensure our methods are the best in the automotive industry. When you’re looking for a brake shop near you, we aim to be your number one choice! Contact us today for more information on automotive brake repair near Stone MountainSnellville, and Marietta GA!

If you notice sounds coming from your brakes or poor performance, it’s time to schedule auto brake repair. It’s likely that the brakes will only get worse until they’re replaced. 

We recommend that your brakes be checked annually to ensure that all parts are operating well. It’s here that pads, rotors, and fluid can be replaced if needed before any outstanding issues begin to occur.

Brakes should always feel firm when you press on them, not spongy. Spongy brakes usually indicate an issue with the hydraulic system, which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.